Business Consultant

With a business consultant of Cameron Fancourt’s calibre, you can take your business to the next level with confidence. Whether you’re the owner of your own business or a C-level executive at another company, Cameron Fancourt will deliver business consulting that will help you transform the way you do business.

Proven Business Consulting Services

A proven consultant, business coach, and mentor to some of Australia’s most exceptional companies, Cameron will help you identify your goals, unleash your creativity, and let go of your fear to conquer all your business challenges. If you spend too much time on minor details and not enough on the very things that can help your business grow, he will teach you what to delegate and how to delegate to free your time for more productive activities. If you want to expand and develop your business but don’t know how Cameron’s business consulting services will show you where to go next to achieve ongoing success.

Business Coaching with Balance

Unlike many other business coaches, Cameron helps you grow as both a business person and as a human being. To unleash the creativity that will spur you onward along the path to success, you need balance. With Cameron’s advice, you’ll learn how to prioritise your work, become more efficient on the job, and disconnect once you enter your front door.

A Wide Range of Businesses Find Success with Cameron

With experience with organisations in a wide range of sectors—health and beauty, fitness, hospitality, fashion, lifestyle, and franchise businesses—Cameron has a proven track record finding the ‘sweet spot’ that brings success to business people.

Teaching Work-Life Skills That Ensure Success for a Lifetime

Cameron’s business consulting practice doesn’t pretend to be a ‘get rich quick’ programme. What he does is to teach his clients business management practices that will ensure success over the long run—practices that will ensure business success for a lifetime. As a long-time entrepreneur himself, he has walked in your shoes. Let his life experience be your teacher.

Take the Next Step for Your Business

With a wide range of business consulting services available, including leadership workshops, business planning sessions for executives, and private business consultations for individual business people, Cameron will tailor his services to your organisation’s needs.

Don’t wait for your ship to come in. Take charge of your company’s destiny with advice from one of the top business consultants in Australia. To schedule an introductory consultation with Cameron, contact him today.