Kicking off his career as an ambitious young kid, Cameron started washing cars and mowing lawns for pocket money on weekends and after school at the ripe old age of 14. Cameron knew at a young age the only way he was ever going to make it in the world was to work hard and achieve great things.

Much to his parents and grandparent’s dismay, he went out of his way to rebel against the social norms of aiming for grades and heading straight to university. He was not remotely interested in either of these options, with his head being filled with notions of a unique pathway to success and a way of living. 

Towards the end of Cameron’s schooling, he spent much of his time researching and aspiring to be an entrepreneur and formulating a plan to become a highly successful businessman. School was not for him, as he was more driven to get out there and make something of his life at an early age.

At the age of 43, he has successfully achieved many great things, however the most valuable asset is the enormous amount of hardships, lessons, knowledge and experience he has gained along the way. Without the hardships and disappointments you will not grow as a human being. This relates to the personal and professional side of everyones life.

In Cameron’s career, he has had to work hard and make very big personal sacrifices along the way. Sacrifices that have been some of the most challenging and gut-wrenching times of his life. Suffering a crippling breakdown and anxiety disorder, Cameron spent 3 years on extensive personal development, teaching him more about himself and of others. He believes its those hard times that make us a better person as we get through the other side of these tough times.

Building multiple service and retail businesses, franchising 7 companies, sitting on the board of high profile international companies and being fortunate to have worked with some of the elite high net worth and high profile figures globally, Cameron’s experience is expansive. He will share stories and experiences with you like no other, keeping you engaged for hours and hours.

Cameron preaches that success isn't about having loads of money, toys and all the ‘things’ we aspire.  Success is about what you learn, who you meet, what you experience and who we become as a person. It is how we use all of this to our advantage, to help us grow through our journey in business and in life. Cameron has often said, "It is a lonely road in business, however it can be very fulfilling and rewarding ”.



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