Mentor, Game Changer & Development Coach

As a professional, a business leader, executive or an up-and-coming entrepreneur, it can be a very challenging and a lonely road on your journey to success. While you may be driven by money or the fact you love what you do at work, you may from time to time find you have lost direction, you are stuck, not sure where to turn for good REAL advise and support.

Cameron coaches, mentors and helps you change the game, by leading you and supporting your overall success.

Cameron’s mentoring and coaching is unlike many other mentors and advisor’s, who usually trying to tell you how to get rich quickly or have minimal life experience. This isn't a quick fix to all your professional and personal problems. Cameron’s unique style shares real life experience and knowledge to help transform you, your career, your business and help you grow to achieve everything you aspire to achieve in life.

Cameron works with you on just 'BEING’ your ‘REAL’ you and not being limited to the daily grind and stereotypical values of society. It takes guts and it takes determination to change. With time you will be surprised what unfolds before you. This comes from Cameron understanding first hand what it is like to hide behind the doors and not be truly open, honest and real with yourself.

Cameron has worked with many organisations including global hotel groups, service related companies, health, beauty and fitness brands as well as fashion and lifestyle brands. He has been a CEO for high profile franchise groups, a consultant and advisor to many high net worth individuals and organisations globally. He has raised well over $20m in the last 24 years and has done so in some of the most volatile economic times. Cameron's experience is based off real life experience and provides an insight into many traps and obstacles that can be avoided along the way, saving you from unnecessary hardships, mistakes and roads that lead to no end.

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