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One thing that took me years to understand is the importance of work-life balance. A life without balance can be very empty in many areas of our wheel of life. The ideal wheel of life would have a balance of family, friends, rest, work, play, fitness, spirituality and love. Now I’m not suggesting that spirituality has to be the traditional church religion. Spirituality can be anything from who you are as a being, enjoying mindfulness and other alternative practices you might follow that help bring balance into your life. 

For many years my wheel of life was very imbalanced. Being an entrepreneur, I have always had a burning passion for what I do, making a good income and creating a lifestyle I desired. As a result, there were aspects of my life that suffered, including my relationships, family, friends, travel, fitness and so much more. I soon discovered it sometimes takes us to lose everything to realize what we actually had.

In 2002 my first marriage ended. This was primarily from the desire to make money and be a flamboyant young guy (I was 26 at the time). It wasn’t until 2003 when my business was struggling, I had trusted the wrong guys to lend me money and I lost everything. It wasn’t until then I started to realize that the self righteous attitude was no longer working for me. 

Back then I was 103kg, unhappy within myself and my circumstances. It was time to take action and learn a new way of living. In doing this, I had to make a lot of changes and those changes were only possible by going to the wall and back to come out the other side a much stronger, balanced and generally more likeable person. 

Over the years I learned to meditate, practice yoga, and through starting a day spa and beauty salon business, I experienced the benefits of regular massage and facial services. I felt the need to nourish my body and rid a lot of toxic build up that stress had created. I also lost 33kg in one year through getting fit, eating better and living a more balanced, healthy life. I owe this to a good friend of mine who kindly pointed out that if I was to be an advocate of health and wellness, I had to live it in every possible way. 

14 years later I can look back and see that I had fallen back into the trap many times again. I lost my second marriage, my second big business was in turmoil, friendships were off track and a whole lot more. I realized I had defaulted back to my old ways again. It takes courage and persistence in everything we do in life, not just our business life. 

There are times where you are off the track again as I have been many times in my life. The important thing to remember is we won’t always get it right and falling back into our old habits sometimes happens. As long as we have a sense of awareness when we lose our balance, and proactively work toward our ideal wheel of life then we ultimately will get back in track. 

The Lesson

Make sure you take time to smell the roses. Our pursuit for money and success can come at a huge price, not only impacting our relationships and personal life, but can be the undoing of our career and income. Losing so many other parts of a balanced life can impact your ability to perform and succeed in all areas of your life.

So take the time to consider what your current wheel of life looks like, as well as how you would prefer yours to be. I’d love to hear how you are working on achieving balance in your life, so share your comments below!


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