#12 Paint your own picture


Are you painting the picture of your perfect life?

In order to be in charge of how your life turns out you need to take up the brush and start creating your canvas. Leaving things to chance or being a victim of circumstances will certainly not get you where you want. Staring at a blank canvas also never got an artist anywhere!

Today we’ll focus on what it takes to create a life that is a masterpiece. Don’t worry there won’t be any actual painting involved for those who claim to be unable to draw even a stick figure.

Create a master plan

Before you start renovating your life create a plan.  Most artists have sketchbooks and do small studies before working on their large canvas. The Post-Impressionist painter Georges Seurat for example did as many as 30 small sketches and small oil studies before commencing his large canvas Sunday Afternoon on Island of the Grande Jatte. Michelangelo did many drawings for the Sistine Chapel – one was recently found on the back of which was a grocery list of the great master! So create storyboards for your life – they can be pictures clipped out and placed on a storyboard or virtual ones created on sites like Pinterest showing where you want to be heading, or even a file with the areas of your life showing images and goals.

Give equal importance to all aspects of your life

Just as an artist has to consider many aspects of a masterpiece so you will need to give importance to various categories.  Leave out some categories and you will be just like the millions of people who chose financial security over health or property over family. You need to pull all the elements together.

12 common aspects of life to consider when planning your life masterpiece

Health and fitness – without these your ability to enjoy the other aspects is severely diminished so it should be high on your list.

Love relationships – no one likes to be completely alone so work on creating a healthy happy and loving relationship with your partner and you family based on trust. Consider your parents – one day you will be older – so take the time to engage with them.

Parenting – while not everyone may become a parent the majority of us want to raise healthy happy well-adjusted kids. Spend time with them doing fun things and teaching them in a loving way. These are the times they will remember not how much you paid for their private school fees.

Finances – how we handle our finances and what we do with our money can determine our future happiness. Some people chose to live in an ordinary home and spurge on holidays; some people are obsessed with building up multiple businesses and amassing a fortune. Whatever you do is fine as long as you don’t become obsessive about finance to the detriment of the other aspects of your life.

Career – this is just one of the 12 categories. A career provides satisfaction for a job well done and gives you the means to advance many of the other categories of your life. Don’t sacrifice your values, your health or your love relationships for a career.

Learning  - we should be learning one new thing each day – no matter how small. Neglecting an on-going education will leave us unable to hold meaningful conversations with younger people, mean pass-ups on promotions and a sense of boredom. Keep studying various courses and keep your curiosity levels high in order to stimulate your intellect.

Emotions – we’ve all come across those people whose bubbly personalities make them attractive to others who may not react so positively to situations. Our emotions can help determine our energy levels and how others read us. Sometimes faking an emotion can make it become real – we can choose to be upset by a situation or put on a brave face – and once we have put on the game face we become more positive.

Character – determine what is important to you in life – your values and attitudes are important as these create a framework for our activities. Are your values responsible and sustainable?

Spiritual Life – if you have a formal religion it will include how often you pray, go to church or temple, beliefs and worldview.  Some people are not overtly religious but they need time to meditate to get in touch with their souls – especially when stressed. This doesn’t necessarily mean sitting cross-legged on the floor – you can do walking mediation where you concentrate on getting in touch with your spirit and practice living in the moment.

Social Life – there’s a saying that you are the reflection of the three people closest to you – choose friends who can uplift and inspire you, and whom you in turn can help. Friends are important to guide and support us and to share the ups and downs of life.

Lifestyle – where you chose to live and how you chose to live says a lot about you. It doesn’t really matter how expensive you home is or your cars but whatever you have should be tasteful, cared for and create a pleasant environment for your family and friends. Whether you choose travel over a fancy house or are working towards having both is up to you.

Life Vision – what you chose to give back to others rounds you out as a person. Plan the areas are of interest to you – it could be saving the oceans, providing education to needy children or sharing a talent with others. Whatever you do make sure you give of your time and not just money. It will be fulfilling when you make contact with those you are assisting. After all the purpose of our lives is to help make the world a better place.

Creating layers

So there you have it – on your blank canvas you build up the layers of your life to create a masterpiece. But just as a painting has a composition leading to a focal point you need to decide on the focal point of your life. For me it has been in building up companies – showing other entrepreneurs how to take their companies from good to great. But every other element in the painting leads the eye to the focal point. Without these elements the painting would not have depth and so a life without a focus lacks direction.

 All great masters have worked in layering their paint to attain colours that pulse with energy.  Make sure your life is a colourful masterpiece radiating light and love.

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