We believe that passion is anything that we love, put our heart into and makes us spring into life every single day. When we love something or someone we are usually very passionate about it or towards them.

Passion to a degree can be an obsession and this can be good way if it is balanced. One example of passion is in business. If we love what we do then we are usually passionate about it. Doing something with intention is the key to our success.

Too many times in life we come across people that have a job, a partner or a hobby however, they are not passionate about it. It feels like we are stuck or we have to just accept something because we 'need it'. A business or career should have a high degree of passion involved and if you don't then perhaps you are in the wrong business. 

You have to jump out of bed each day and love what you do. Sure we all have to earn an income and pay the bills, but long term the negative impact doing something we don't love will be to our detriment. 

If you don't embrace what you do eventually it comes back to us in some form of negative way that we may create an imbalance in other parts of our life. If you don't love what you're doing then you need to consider what the alternatives are and make a change.

Success in life shouldn't mean you have to work really hard. It is about being passionate for what you do and giving it so much positive energy and time. The passion should override any feeling of having to do something that we may not want to be doing. It should feel natural and it should make you feel good. It should make your creativity burst at the seams and you want to spring out of bed every single day. 

Ask yourself the question...Am I really passionate about what I'm doing? If not get out before the lack of passion has some negative in your life.