The Importance of Balance

“Most psychologists would agree that the demands of a person’s career should not overwhelm the individual's ability to enjoy a satisfying personal life outside of the business environment.”

Separating your work life from your personal life will not only make you less susceptible to burnouts, but also encourage you to be more productive, engaged and creative.

It is true that living amongst technology makes this challenging – as we are consistently using our phones to check social media and emails. We find that a great rule to live by is “12 & 24-hour”. Essentially, it means that all correspondence and emails should be answered within 12 hours of receipt on a weekday and 24 during the weekend - no matter what.

Occasional stress is normal for any job, but it is important to listen to your body and take a break when you feel that you need one. According to The Help Guide, burnouts occur “when you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands”.

If you feel that you are in this position, it is paramount that you take time out to talk this over with your manager, or come up with a plan to avoid this.

Other ways to avoid burnout include prioritising your work and setting yourself achievable deadlines. You will find that going home and spending quality time with family and friends will not only give you a break and allow you to unwind, but also make you more productive and motivated to strive the following day.

Your satisfaction in your personal life and your ability to meet personal commitments greatly affects your success as a worker. Achieving a healthy work/life balance will allow you to feel in control and benefit your performance and company.

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