Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations - A phrase commonly used to describe an optimistic way of living.

Although this shortened definition briefly describes what the phrase means, the objective today is to give you a greater insight into “Good Vibrations” and why they should be exuded within your workplace.

It’s vital for any business owner or team leader to create an upbeat and encouraging environment for staff members. Embracing this kind of culture will boost morale and inspire your employees to strive, meet targets and overachieve.

Workplace positivity is correlated with higher productivity, easier recruitment, and much lower employee turnover.

Workplace negativity, on the other hand, has bad consequences of its own, being linked to depression, insomnia, and anxiety - all of which hurt performance as well as the lives of your employees.


"I'm all about good vibes. Big goals, amazing experiences, more happiness, less pain, healthy relationships and staying focused on what matters."

Promising a positive workplace is easy, effortless and highly beneficial. You can start by taking a few simple steps, like trusting your employee’s opinions and delegating important tasks to each of them. This will make your team feel more important and engaged when it comes to meeting goals or KPI’s.

Positivity also means fun - a staple of any healthy business. Enjoyable rituals in the workplace make employees feel excited to come in and prosper. You can start by rewarding your staff with lunches, team bonding activities or gift cards/cash bonuses.