Cameron provides growing and established companies support in a strategic advisory and board representation capacity. He provides a wealth of knowledge and experience that adds value to companies aspiring to continue their success. 

As an experienced advisor and entrepreneur, Cameron provides support in strategic facilitation workshops, business planning and development sessions for a wide range of brands and industries. Cameron will facilitate the overall roadmap and exit options a business may look to take, depending on the stage of growth and development. 

Cameron can also provide one off facilitation and strategic support or ongoing advisory depending on the project or venture. He will provide experience when implementing practices into your business and ensure you have the fundamental processes in place when aiming for your end goal.

The advisory role Cameron can play in your organisation is invaluable, particularly when the skill set of the business owner or experience of the entrepreneur is limited. He can provide a brand with all areas of experience and expertise in coaching, franchising, capital raising, financial, development, strategic, change-management and overall implementation of the vision at all levels.